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Anna-Bella, white woman with short brown hair smiles widely at something out of frame. She is wearing a floral, button-down shirt and gesticulating with her hands.

Thanks to Ben Hale for this photo.


I'm Anna-Bella Sicilia, a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

I work primarily in ethics and feminist philosophy. My dissertation, which I am completing under the supervision of Mark Timmons, is about interpersonal dependence - namely, what it means to say "I'm depending on you" and why that matters.


I've also been one of the head organizers for the University of Arizona Feminist Philosophy Graduate Conference (aka FemPhilAZ) since a few of us grad students founded it in 2019.

Before moving to the desert, I completed my BA at the University of Maryland. While not philosophizing, I am probably reading science fiction, baking a pie, or at a figure drawing class.

About my name: It's Anna-Bella. (It's not "Anna".) You can spell it correctly with or without the hyphen. My friends and colleagues mainly call me AB.


My pronouns are she/her.

You can reach me at absicilia [at]

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